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Putting customers first: Gifting joy and shopping safely

Kirsten knows the pressures of running a small business but is committed to keeping customer data safe.

If you’ve ever visited the famous Salamanca markets in Hobart, you’ve likely walked past Plato’s Wonder. Create. Discover gift and toy store.

It’s a wonderland of games, jigsaws, homewares, novelty items, gadgets, science experiments and crafts. 

Kirsten Lynch is the proud owner of Plato’s, which she was inspired to buy for the range of products it offered to shoppers. 

“Plato’s is more than a toy shop — we’re also a learning and discovery store, and have gifts for all ages,” she said. 

“I love talking to my customers, and I love being in full control of my business.”

Seeing the risk of cyber crime

As a small business owner, Kirsten understands the feeling of having “101 things” to get done and cyber security not always being at the top of the list. In one day, Kirsten will be managing inventory, restocking the shelves, helping customers, fulfilling online orders, paying invoices and organising the staff schedule (to name just a few!).


However, Kirsten has been watching the rise of cyber security attacks on big businesses and recognised the risk it has to small businesses.

“We get suspicious texts all the time. I know somebody who accidentally paid an invoice that was not from the proper company,” she said. 

The average cost of a cyber crime on a business is $46,000, which is a number that would scare most small business owners. However, it’s the threat to her customers that Kirsten is most concerned about. 


Putting customers first

“If we had an attack and my customers’ data was stolen, it would be devastating to us and the customers.” With customers front of mind, Kisten enrolled herself and her team into the Cyber Wardens eLearning just before Christmas.

Despite the busy time of year, she wanted to be extra cautious and aware of the different scams that cyber criminals might try.

After completing the online course, which takes around 45 minutes, Kirsten said the best part was tackling complex topics and breaking them down in simple ways.

“It takes things we should know and telling us in plain, clear English, like changing your passwords into long passphrases.

“Another helpful reminder was to check the details of an invoice before you pay it, especially if it’s coming from somebody who you think you know, but the email address isn’t the correct one.”

Overall, Kirsten walked away feeling more confident in spotting cyber threats and knowing the practical steps she could take to protect her business from cyber crime.

“I would definitely recommend Cyber Wardens to other small business owners. It’s a really good course — it’s quick, it’s easy and it’s really important to know at this time.”

We’re so thrilled to have Kirsten graduate as one of our latest Cyber Wardens. The next time you’re looking for a gift (or maybe treating yourself), Plato’s is the place to go. Whether you’re shopping in-person or checking out online, you can feel confident that Kirsten and the team will be securely managing your details and you’ll be proudly supporting a local small business.

With Cyber Wardens, you can keep your digital floors clean and free of cyber criminals fishing.


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It happened to me!

Have you got a Cyber attack story to share? Your story can help other small businesses protect themselves.

It happened to me!

Have you got a Cyber attack story to share? Your story can help other small businesses protect themselves.