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How talking about cyber threats can protect your small business


There are a lot of things that aren’t overly appropriate to talk about at work. From the intimate details of your weekend badminton injury, to the latest office gossip, some topics just don’t fit the professional bill.

But there’s one thing that should be part of every small business’s conversational agenda: cyber threats.

Fostering a culture of cyber safety in your workplace is not just a nice idea—it’s imperative. And the most cyber-safe small businesses aren’t just lucky. They understand that thinking and talking about cyber security is the first step towards building a fortress against cyber threats. But unfortunately, many small businesses aren’t discussing cyber security regularly—or at all.

Cyber threats to small business. Whose job is it anyway?

You might be thinking: “Cyber threats? Isn’t that for the IT department to worry about?” That’s a common misconception that could leave your small business vulnerable to online attacks. 

The truth is, the most cyber-safe small businesses have a cyber-safe mindset and are intentional in their approach to cyber threats. Conversations are critical to building awareness of cyber threats to small business, encouraging cyber-safe practices and cultivating a cyber-safe mindset. So get talking about it. Think of it like putting on your metaphorical cyber armour – the more you discuss potential threats, the better equipped you’ll be to defend yourself.

Out of sight, out of mind? Not when it comes to cyber threats

This isn’t the area to put your head in the sand and hope for the best. Ignoring cyber threats won’t make them go away. Actually talking about them openly in your business is one of the best ways to help defend against them. Making cyber security a regular topic of conversation within the workplace creates a culture where everyone is aware of the impact of cyber threats and empowered to help protect their small business.

How to get everyone talking about cyber threats

So how do you actually get the team to talk about cyber safety? Here are a few tips ways to make conversations happen:


1. Ditch the cyber jargon

A major barrier to cyber safety is the idea that cyber threats are something technical that is best left to experts. The use of technical language and industry jargon often deters people and cements unhelpful ideas of cyber security as something out of reach for those who are not ‘IT-savvy’. Embracing accessible language sends the message that cyber security is for everyone. 

For example, compare someone saying, “We need to implement a multi-factor authentication protocol to bolster our access control measures”, with someone saying, “let’s make sure everyone uses a strong password and has an extra step to verify their logins”. See the difference?

2. Bite-sized security

Time and resource-poor small businesses caught up in the day-to-day hustle are not thinking much about cyber threats. When they do, they often feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, often assuming cyber security will require considerable time, money and energy to address.

By breaking cyber security down into bite-sized pieces, everyone can understand and have access to easy, practical steps they can take to help protect themselves. You could start with something simple, like holding a short training session on creating strong passwords, or implementing a system for regularly backing up data. These small steps add up to a big boost in your overall cyber resilience.

3. Make cyber security a team sport

Cyber security isn’t a solo act. It’s a team effort where everyone plays a part. Encouraging open communication about the impact of cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities is key. You could get everyone involved by hosting regular cyber security awareness sessions. These don’t have to be long and drawn-out affairs. Keep them short, informative, and most importantly, interactive. And create a safe space for employees to report suspicious activity. Let them know that you value their vigilance and that no question or suggestion is insignificant.

Small talk, big impact

Building a culture of cyber safety in your small business is an ongoing process, but the rewards are worth it. By fostering open conversations, simplifying cyber security concepts, and empowering everyone to play a role, you can create a digital defence system that’s strong, adaptable, and helps protect your business from the impact of cyber threats. A little cyber chat can go a long way in protecting your business from a digital disaster. 

With Cyber Wardens, you can keep your digital floors clean and free of cyber criminals fishing.


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It happened to me!

Have you got a Cyber attack story to share? Your story can help other small businesses protect themselves.

It happened to me!

Have you got a Cyber attack story to share? Your story can help other small businesses protect themselves.