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Telstra are proud to partner with COSBOA on the Cyber Wardens initiative. At Telstra, we know Small Businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy and employ so many Australians. That’s why we want to help them to be successful by helping them reduce their risk of cyber-attacks. We have expertise and a lot of experience in cyber security and want to pass that knowledge on to Small Business owners and their employees alike.
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This initiative will help empower Small Businesses with the knowledge and skills to help prevent and respond to cyber-attacks. The incidences of attacks are on the rise so it’s important that community and business band together to address the problem as a united front. By working together, we can also help you further secure your customer data, network, supply chain and logistics and this may help Small Businesses to supply and work with larger enterprises and government.

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“Managing small business risks online shouldn’t be like the dark arts — and the Cyber Wardens program will help show that there are easy proactive steps businesses can take that will help protect bottom lines, reputations and customers’ privacy.”

Anne Da Cunha
Telstra Small and Medium Business Executive

Anne De Cunha
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Cyber Wardens thanks Telstra for their ongoing support of small business cyber security.

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